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The standard for splitting onchain income
0xSplits is an open-source, audited, non-upgradeable set of contracts that efficiently split onchain income. Whenever a Split receives income, each recipient gets their share. Simple enough for friends & secure enough for anons.
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Reliable infrastructure
Set it & forget it.
The non-upgradable contracts will work for as long as Ethereum exists.
No 3rd party APIs or external dependencies since all required data exist onchain.
Each Split is a payable smart contract able to receive and send ETH & ERC20 tokens.
Bots & 3rd parties are compensated for performing the repetitive tasks.
Batched operations and commingled funds maximize gas efficiency at every step.
Distribution costs are borne by ownership so the smallest recipients aren't screwed.
100% free to use
Bring your own gas.
Step 1
Each Split has a unqiue address to which ETH & ERC20s can be sent. As tokens are received, the Split's balance increases and is safely held for the recipients.
Step 2
Funds sitting in a Split's balance may be distributed by any third party willing to pay the gas. Once this happens, all recipients can withdraw their share.
Step 3
In a single transaction, recipients can withdraw all their balances across all the Splits they earn from. Any third party may withdraw for the recipient.
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