Trustlessly share income streams.
Splits is a decentralized protocol for sharing income streams. Each Split lives onchain and is created with a list of Owners. All ETH and ERC20s sent to the Split are divided & distributed by ownership. It's that easy. Simple enough for friends, secure enough for anons.
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  • Composable
    Splits are fully composable on input & output. Each Split is a payable smart contract that can directly receive ETH & ERC20s from any EOA or SC. Each Owner is an Ethereum address (EOA or SC) for which third-parties may execute withdrawals. With full composability on both ends, Splits is an effective routing layer within any workflow.
  • Efficient
    Splits maximize gas efficiency by batching expensive operations & commingling funds. The gas to split funds is borne by ownership or covered by a third party, eliminating dust and allowing even the smallest Owner to withdraw their funds.
  • Onchain
    Each Split exists entirely onchain and the actions necessary for the protocol to operate are incentivized & fully decentralized. With no trusted third party to rely on, you can be sure your Splits will continue to operate for as long as Ethereum exists.
How it works
The fastest & easiest way to split income across multiple accounts.
1. Create your Split
Each Split is created with a list of Owners. Each Owner has an address or ENS and an ownership percentage. Include as many as you want & create your Split!
2. Earn income
Your Split has an Ethereum address just like any other account. ETH & ERC20s sent to your Split are held for the Owners until a third party splits the balance.
3. Split the balance
The balance needs to be split before owners can withdraw their portion. Whoever splits the balance receives a small portion of it.
4. Withdraw your portion
In a single transaction, owners can transfer all of their available balances across all of their Splits to their wallet.